A Little Bit of South..In My Mouth!

No one told me…and I’m a bit disappointed by that.

I’ve lived in Charleston, SC; Raleigh, NC and Memphis.  Each city..when it comes to food..has a taste all its own.  I’ll stack Charleston’s seafood up against anybody.   Raleigh — which is the center of a state founded on agriculture — has some of the best farm-to-table delicacies you’ll find.  Memphis: pork barbecue…period!

When my wife and I moved to the northeast, we were afraid it would be a few times a year (at best) that we would get a home-cooked meal.

Then we discovered Duke’s Southern Table..one block from where we live.








It’s not expected in the New York area that you’ll look at a menu and see Fried Green Tomato BLT Sliders, Red Wine Ox Tail Stew and Southern Style Smothered Turkey Wings.   Take a look at the menu for yourself.

We’re Charleston natives so..naturally..I went for the Shrimp and Grits.


The lovely Karen had the Southern Fried Pork Chop.


Did I mention the Cornbread?


Needless to say..we’ve found a place that gives us the taste of the South Carolina Lowcountry we’ve been looking for.

Karen described it better than I ever could..calling it “a little bit of homesickness on a plate.”

I believe she dropped the mic after that.

But she will have more to say in an upcoming post in The KReative Corner..so stay tuned


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