With The Good…Comes The Bad!

You’ve seen today my post on my New Hampshire Primary experience.   It was a great trip.

Then there was the journey home.

I was supposed to fly American Airlines from Manchester to Philadelphia to Newark with the first flight leaving at 5:58 p.m. Wednesday (2/10).   That time got pushed back a couple of hours because of — I’m told — a scheduling snafu.

As I understand it, our Manchester plane was re-routed to Charlotte from Philly…and had to make a return flight to Philadelphia before finally showing up to get us.

Not much brotherly love here.

Our plane did finally arrive…and to American’s credit..they got us to Philly in puh-lenty of time to catch my connection to Newark.

That didn’t matter.

My 2nd plane — American Airlines again — arrived a little late and offloaded its passengers..and flight crew.


We had no crew for the Newark trip.  Our scheduled 10:50 p.m. flight to Newark Liberty International Airport was then rescheduled to leave at 12:30 a.m. Thursday (My first ever flight spanning two days!  Yay, me!).


Dear American Airlines…  YOU MUST DO A HELL OF A LOT BETTER!!!

I will revert back to the political theme of my trip.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham — when asked about voters making a GOP choice for president between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz — said that was like making a choice of “being shot or poisoned.”  In essence, he was saying — What does it matter?

I’ve flown both American Airlines..and US Airways in my lifetime — and had awful experiences on both.  Those two companies merged last year.  Here’s my question: If one airline is “being shot” and the other “poisoned”…

What does that make the “new” American Airlines?

For the record..

Arrived at Manchester Airport at 2:56 p.m.  Wednesday, February 10

Walked through my front door in New Jersey at 2:04 a.m Thursday, February 11.

Oy vey!


You Thought The ‘Summer Of Trump’ Was Strange?

No matter who wins the White House in 2o16..don’t get too settled.

Train’s coming!



At this year’s MTV VMAs, the one…the only…Kanye West announced he would be running for President of the United States in 2020.

That’s it!  We’re saved.   Everything will be all right!   There’s nothing more that America needs than not only Kanye at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — but Kim Kardashian as First Lady!  Heaven help us all (to cross into Canada)!   But we have to stop and think.  Not many of us (and by that I mean HARDLY ANY of us) believed that Donald Trump would be far and away leading the GOP race for President.

Still…the utter preposterous notion of Kanye West as Commander-in-Chief is — to say the least –asinine to even say in jest.  In fact..I don’t even think he remembers it.  He said during the show that he may have been on something.

I’m all for a good laugh.  But Kanye..do us all a favor.  Sit down…please!

I can see it now.  Kanye in 2020:  A Clear Vision!




Below is a guest post from someone who is very special to me.  It was my wife, Karen H. Rice-Scott, who got me into this blogging thing.  Her contribution to this space fits in nicely with the overall theme of this page. You can also look for her wit and wisdom in her own space, The Kreative Corner.   I hope you enjoy it..for it will not be the last time you see her contributing here.


Welcome to a new feature on the Kreative Corner.  This series will feature things we encounter in our human experience that cause us to stop and say, “Wait..What?!”

Today, we take a look at “dumb laws” courtesy of http://www.dumblaws.com.

Yes, your hard-earned tax dollars at work to have these laws written and passed.

In the state of Alabama, “it is illegal to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle.  (see the full statute here}

Let’s say ot together:  Wait…What?!  Why was paper wasted when clearly this is common sense.

Would you trust a blindfolded driver to transport you to your destination?

Comment below.

Weirdness From The Week That Was

When I created this blog, it was my intent to highlight some of the weirder stories that came across my radar.   I’m going to start living up to that at the end of each week (or so).   Here are a few offerings.


1.  In this era of the TSA and travel restrictions, you may still be amazed by the kinds of things that people pack to take on a plane flight.  The Associated Press brought us this little story out of New York:

Passengers on a delayed flight from New York to Charlotte may have been a bit crabby Thursday night.   Their flight left LaGuardia Airport about a half-hour late because some live crabs had gotten loose in the cargo hold.  The spokesman for US Airways said it was unclear how the crabs got out of their container or what species they were..but there were a lot of them.  It is also unknown who was shipping them.

Here’s my question.  Did the TSA do an x-ray of the contents of that container?  It seems to me that the outline of a bushel or two of crabs would be pretty unmistakable.  This gives me hope if I ever get attached to a lobster or twelve on my next trip to Maine.

I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson will want to star in a movie adaptation of this one.


2.  I wonder if this is an other “New Coke” or “Crystal Pepsi” moment.  (Remember those?)   It appears Coke and Pepsi are extending their rivalry to include the health-conscious crowd.   It has recently been announced that both brands are testing offerings that will use the low-cal sweetener stevia to enhance this not-so-sugary fare.   Both will also be packaged in green cans.  Coke’s product will be dubbed ‘Coca-Cola Life’.  Pepsi Cola’s version will be called ‘Pepsi True’.

coke pepsi

(photo courtesy http://www.occupycorporatism.com)

These new offerings only reduce the calories found in their flagship counterparts (Pepsi True reportedly has about 60 calories..Coke Life about 27 or so).   I suppose drinking Coke Zero would be considered too stingy on the calorie count.


3.  Finally..a weather forecaster at a FOX affiliate in Indianapolis got a bit of a scare recently when the tower camera she was referencing attracted a visitor.   Take a look.






Is This Really Good For Me..Or Not???

Maybe it’s just me.

Have you ever been watching daytime TV or one of the many games at night, and been perplexed by those commercials for sleep aids, libido stimulants and the like?   I know they’re supposed to be good for you and get you on the road to curing what ails you.   The next time one comes on, listen to what they’re selling..and how they’re selling it.

It just seems to me that ratio of what the drug does that’s good, and what it can do that’s bad is..shall we say.. a bit off.

I’ll give you an example.  There’s one currently on the market called XELJANZ  (pronounce zell-jans)

TANGENT ALERT:  X-E-L-J-A-N-Z — if it were a legal play — would make one hell of a Scrabble word..especially if a Triple Word space is involved.   But I digress.

The drug itself is for relief from — as a commercial says — “moderate-to-severe rheumatoid arthritis”.  While its makers say it’s good for that, I’ll transcribe below what one of the XELJANZ commercials says you should be careful about:

“XELJANZ can lower your ability to fight infections — including Tuberculosis.  Serious (sometimes fatal) infections and cancers have happened in patients taking XELJANZ.  Don’t start taking XELJANZ if you have any kind of infection unless OK with your doctor.  Tears in the stomach and intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened.   Your doctor should perform blood tests — including certain liver tests — before you start and while you’re taking XELJANZ.   Tell your doctor if you’ve been to a region where certain fungal infections are common, and if you’ve had TB, Hepatitis B or C or are prone to infections.  Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, or if you’re pregnant or plan to be.

Umm..why do I want to take this drug again??

At least it’s not like some of those commercials I’ve seen for drugs that list death as a side effect.   Last time I checked, death isn’t a side effect…it is THE effect.  Then there are the other commercials that mention bleeding from different organs on average eight times as a negative effect.

I counted.

I don’t want to make light of such a serious condition as rheumatoid arthritis.  I’m sure, for some users, XELJANZ is a viable and effective remedy.  It does show, however, that some medications aren’t for everybody.  It also illustrates that the TV version of the ‘fine print’ is worth paying attention to.

Just don’t ever list death as a side effect.   There’s really no recovering from that.



I’d Say The Judge Made His Point

Every so often, the wheels of justice turn and a very bad man gets a very deserving sentence.   Recently, one of North Carolina’s U.S. attorneys secured a sentence that left me scratching my head.  The first paragraph of the news release from the U.S. Attorney’s office is really all we need to see here.

GREENVILLE – United States Attorney Thomas G. Walker announced that today, FELIX A. OKAFOR, 53, of Benson, North Carolina, was sentenced by Senior United States District Judge Malcolm J. Howard to 3,157 months (approximately 263 years) and 6 years of supervised release. OKAFOR was convicted of 25 drug and firearms offenses including conspiracy to distribute 100 grams of heroin and 100 kilograms of marijuana, four counts of distribution of marijuana, six counts of distribution of heroin, distribution of drugs within 1000 feet of a school, and 11 counts of possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking crime.

Again..I have no issues with the level of punishment.   The accused should go away..and for a long time.  The thing that struck me was certain aspects of the sentence itself.

It has always intrigued me that whenever these sentences are announced, it’s given in months..not years (I say that because math has never been my strong suit).  Even without doing the calculations, I know that 3,157 months is a boatload of time.  Thank goodness, the person who wrote the release did the math for me (approx. 263 years).   The litany of charges at the end of the release’s first graph justifies the number.   The humorous part to me is what comes next:  the six years of supervised release.

My wife often calls me “The Researcher” because it takes me no time at all to hop on Google to get some..shall we say..clarification.

I went to uslegal.com and found a working definition for “supervised release”:

 The supervised release starts after a person is released from prison. Following his or her release, an offender is sentenced to a period of supervision in the community. The offender is put under direct supervision, and monitoring regarding his/her prohibited and mandated behaviors. 

I hope there is a condition for early release for Mr. Okafor.   The press statement doesn’t really say.  Otherwise..supervised release for a man at the ripe old age of 316 shouldn’t be too hard.   Spotlights trained on an urn sitting on a pedestal should do the trick.  Let’s hope the urn doesn’t fall over.  Ashes spilling out could be considered an escape attempt.

Let’s be realistic here.  I know that, whether he’s released early..or otherwise, he’ll never serve the entire sentence.  It’s just another of those details I see out of the corner of my eye that makes the question mark pop up above my head.  Perhaps someone well versed in or with some knowledge of the legal community will enlighten me.

As a danger to people..especially children in the neighborhood..he should be the example of what lies ahead legally if you so blatantly and brazenly break the law.

I would just hate to see what the judge would have sentenced him to on a bad day.