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Thanks for tapping into my blog.

This is a space where I will take a look at the news as it happens.   News is serious.  News is tragic.  News is uplifting.  News can be all of those things.  But in many cases, news can be funny.  It can be bizarre.  It can simply not make sense sometimes.   We’ll take a look at many of those stories…and attempt to be fair with all those we tackle.  After all, they are the important stories that shape our lives.  This blog is meant to perhaps provoke a thought or two (including those stories examined with tongue planted firmly in cheek).  Maybe my take will make you smile, touch a nerve, or all of the above.

By the way, the photo below is me standing just beneath Johnnie Mercer’s Pier at Wrightsville Beach, NC. (photo courtesy: KReative_Works)


As for me, I’m a career journalist.  I’ve spent three decades (and counting) presenting and covering the news on TV and radio (with a DJ job or two sprinkled in early on).   I’ve even held down a managerial role in radio news.   My true passion, however, has been and will always be as a reporter on the street.  I’ve returned to those roots as a national correspondent for FOX News Radio based in New York City.

Hopefully I will be able to say in this blog what many of you are thinking and find out what’s causing you to exclaim:


Only then..will my work here be done.


Gurnal Scott


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