The Transition To Trump: What We Learned From The 2016 Election


So here we are.  Donald Trump is our President-elect.   The key word here is “OUR”.

I was assigned to be at Donald Trump’s Election Night HQ at the Hilton Midtown in New York City.  I went into the assignment honestly thinking about one question:  What type of tone would Donald Trump strike on his CONCESSION speech?

Boy..was I wrong.

So..come January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump..that guy from the Celebrity Apprentice..will become the 45th President of the United Stares.  How did this happen?

The first thing to realize is that Trump spoke directly to a group of people who had long been discounted in the electoral process:  the non-college educated white male.   Their numbers turned out heavily for the President-elect.

Also..a constant question from many people post-election was how did a majority of the polls..that had Hillary Clinton ahead until the very end..get it wrong?

I’ll dispute that question.


All the polls..which measure the preferences of likely voters..indicate how those voters are leaning.  Hillary Clinton led those polls…and at last count, WON the national popular vote. So, the polls were RIGHT.

But remember…it’s electoral votes that count.

Many Americans are protesting the results across the country.  I wonder…as CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley asked on the many of those protesters actually voted.

We can all take a lesson from President Obama..who was the subject of a lot of Trump’s campaign rhetoric..when he met with the President-elect this week.  His words about coming together for the good of the nation struck a hopeful chord.

Whether we like this..or we don’t like this, it’s time to show the world what this great Democratic experiment that is America is all about.







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