The 2016 Democratic National Convention: A Look Back


So, my first in-person political convention experience was …well..and experience.   But it was a good one.  For years I have watched on TV what the networks have been willing to show in prime time.   To be at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia was an enlightening look into the inner workings of a combination of political power, star power and enthused supporters — be they for HiIlary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

There were several moments that did stand out for me during FOX’s coverage of the Democrats.

I was assigned as the street reporter.  So I spent much of my time trudging the streets of Center City Philly (in about 97 degree heat) tracking protesters.  In other words..chasing around Bernie Sanders’ supporters.


Also, there were the top flight speakers.  Of course Hillary Clinton’s and Tim Kaine’s acceptances of their respective nominations and President Obama’s impassioned plea to people who voiced their displeasure with Donald Trump saying ,”Don’t boo.  Vote!”  however, the two best speeches in my opinion were from First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.  You’ll find them below.

But to me…the best moment came Tuesday night during the roll call vote that officially nominated Hillary Clinton — but it wasn’t about her.   In the ‘City of Brotherly Love’, it was a moment of brotherly love that got everyone choked up when Bernie Sanders’ older brother Larry cast delegates from Democrats Abroad for Bernie.

It was a great experience.  Now come the presidential debates.

Will Hillary Clinton rise past her haunting email troubles?

Will Donald Trump even show up to debate?

Tune in next time.


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