Houston, We Have A (Grand Old) Problem…Spelled T-R-U-M-P!

The trip to Houston was a quick one.  Out Tuesday…back Wednesday.   Side note:  it marks the third time in my life I’ve flown into an airport named for a president (JFK, Reagan National in DC, and now Bush 41).


I was there to cover Ted Cruz who is hoping Republicans will…at some point..wake up and smell the fear that many established conservatives are feeling right now.  That fear — if you listen to former GOP  nominee Mitt Romney — is that when Republicans convene in Cleveland to pick a standard bearer, that man will be — Donald Trump.


Perish the thought.  More in a bit.

I only got to see a bit of Houston in the time I had.   There is a great deal of construction happening here.  Hard to fathom how a city this size can still grow.  Houston is America’s 4th most populous city.  I don’t think I have to tell you the top three.


Great architecture here.


Had I stayed longer I would ventured out for the food shot..but alas..time did not permit.  But for a first trip to Texas..ever..it was pretty nice.  80+ degrees in March is also a plus.

Back to the discourse.   This ‘High Stakes Tuesday’, as some in my business have called it, produced several takeaways including Trump’s momentum (kind of like a car careening downhill without brakes), the end of Marco Rubio and John Kasich’s one (and perhaps only) win.

But perhaps the biggest thing is the spectre of high-ranking Republicans holding meetings to devise a plan to deny Trump the nomination — whether it’s by brokered convention or supporting a third party candidate.  It should be noted (thanks to my FOX News colleague John Roberts) that there have been eight brokered conventions since 1880.  in five of them, the eventual nominee did not go in with the most delegates.  Something to think about.

Trump says if he is denied the nomination, there will be riots.   So…is he condoning that?  That wouldn’t be very ‘presidential’, would it?

Mark it on your calendar.  July 18-21.  The dates or the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.   It may be the most interesting convention since this happened to CBS’ Dan Rather in 1968:

Stay tuned.  As someone once said,”We live in interesting times.”





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