Campaign 2016: Feeling The ‘Bern’ In Vermont

The whole time I was in Burlington, Vermont (okay..three days), I couldn’t get out of my head the opening to the CBS series ‘Newhart’..which was set in the Green Mountain State.

 I was sent there to cover the phenomenon that is Bernie Sanders as the ‘Super Tuesday’ contests played out.  Of the 11 contests decided, Sanders won four: Vermont (of course), Minnesota, Coloraqdo and Oklahome.   I know what you’re thinking.  Four out of 11 contests won?  Not a good percentage.   I look at it from the baseball point of view.  Only in baseball can you FAIL seven out of every 10 times at bat over a career.(.300)..and go to the Hall of Fame.

Four out of 11 is actually a better percentage (.364).   Sanders’ supporters were there in big numbers to celebrate.


I was told before I left that Burlington is beautiful.   I got a sense of that even before I got out of the airport.


Downtown Burlington also gives you a pretty good look at the mountains and just how pretty it is.  The view can make you forget how cold it can get here.


I can’t forget the obligatory food shot.  First night’s dinner: Meat Loaf and mashed potatoes.  As you can see..I couldn’t wait to start eating.


And..can you leave Vermont without this?


My brief takeaway from this trip — which was my first time covering Bernie Sanders — was the kids who support him.  They show up in droves.  What is it about the older candidates that attracts the youth?  Remember..Ron Paul pulled that off four years ago in the hot second he was in the race.   Maybe it’s a grandfatherly thing.

Bernie likely won’t win the nomination.   But at this rate…his points will be made, and his supporters heard (loud and clear) at the Democratic National Convention in late July in Philadelphia.  There is still a long way to go before we get to that point.

The numbers continue to dwindle on the GOP side with Dr. Ben Carson saying he sees “no way forward” politically.  Also..we’ve seen a sign that New Jersey governor Chris Christie may be revisiting…no…rethinking…no…lamenting his decision to back GOP front runner Donald Trump.   The expression says it all.

christiePhoto courtesy The Daily Show

Stand by, folks.  It only gets more interesting from here.

I don’t know about you..but all of a sudden, I’m craving pancakes.

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