Welcome To The Revamp!

Here it is!

I have to admit…this took a little less time than I expected it to.  I wanted to maintain the spirit of ‘For Why??!!’ but expand the focus to include  stories that I cover every day — whether irreverent or not.

Then all of a sudden it hit me.   It came in the form of a phrase that people often hear right after they get that incredulous look when something unbelievable or quite significant happens:

Yeah…That Just Happened!!

Don’t fret.  The content will remain essentially the same.   I just felt it was time to bring a bit more harmony between the title and the lyrics.

What can you count on?    More humorous (I hope) observations, more news of the weird, and (should the FOX gods see fit) more first-hand observations on the road to the White House this year.

I hope you’re ready.

Good.   That makes one of us.

In any case…here we go!!

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