All Things Change…Even This Space

Yep…it’s time.

For the last 22 months, I’ve hoped to open a few eyes (and perhaps solicit a chuckle or two) about the things in the news that are either out of the ordinary or simply went beyond reason.

Hence, the original subtitle: “When the news and other things that should make sense…don’t”.

While there is still a lot of that to share, I find myself (especially in this election year) paddling down the mainstream to address what makes news — and not just what makes a mockery of it.

For that reason..the name I have stuck with lo these many months –“For Why??!! — will soon change.   I’m not sure what it will change to yet.  This I do promise:  It will be a moniker that I will be proud to share with you…and also hope perhaps it may provoke a thought or two that you may want to share in return.

A HUGE thank you goes to my wife Karen for getting me started on this journey into the blogosphere.

Wish me luck in the re-branding…which will be coming soon.



4 thoughts on “All Things Change…Even This Space

  1. Whatever it is, G-Man, I look forward to reading it. Your balanced and unique perspective on the events surrounding us is enlightening and refreshing. Just keep being you.


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