Campaign 2016: Rock Solid In The ‘Granite State’

Welcome to New Hampshire — the first primary state (and that’s not redundant).

I spent five days in the Granite State as part of FOX News Radio’s coverage of the ‘first-in-the-nation’ primary.  Starting with the ABC News Republican Debate on Saturday February 6th.

Republican U.S. presidential candidates discuss an issue at the Republican U.S. presidential candidates debate sponsored by ABC News at Saint Anselm College in Manchester
Courtesy: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Saint Anselm College in Manchester hosted the debate.  It reminds me of my near and dear College of Charleston –only covered in snow.


Saint Anselm bills itself (according to its website) as a ‘Catholic Benedictine liberal arts college’.  It also has one heckuva reputation as a leader in political science.  In fact..I do believe it is the only place this political cycle that has hosted both a Democratic and a Republican debate.  You can learn mere about Saint Anselm by clicking here.

That of course set up Primary Night on the 9th.  Several other FOX News Radio reporters and I were spread out with the campaigns to watch the returns.  I ended up with Ted Cruz –who did reasonably well.  We are all however a bit jealous of my colleague Tonya J Powers — who’s been assigned to the eventual winners of both contests thus far (Cruz in Iowa and Donald Trump in N.H.)  By the way, Bernie Sanders (as expected) won the Democratic primary.

Manchester itself is a nice little city.  Some modern buildings but much of it still reflective of the past.  Take for example this shot of city hall..


..and a strip of Main Street stores.


The food isn’t bad either.  Check out the Fish and Chips I had at the British Beer Company.


I’m glad I got a chance to take this trip to an area that is unfamiliar.  I find it gives an insight as to how values change in different parts fo the country.  I expect that’s why candidates must sharpen their message as they tour the nation on their way (possibly) to the presidency.  It’s in those places that you see what people are passionate about and how strong their beliefs are — whether those beliefs are their own, or long held through family ties.

That’s what’s exciting to me about this election and  being able to go different places to cover it.  You don’t really realize how sheltered you are from other points of view until you have the ability to get out there among the people.

So Iowa and New Hampshire down…and so many other states to go.  The ‘Road to the White House’ is just beginning..




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