This Is Not Your Father’s Pontiff. This Pope Is Awesome!

In case you didn’t know it…I’m not Catholic.

At the same time..I have been transfixed to my TV when Pope Francis has been the focus of camera lenses during his trip — his very first — to the United States.  From Washington, DC to New York City to Philadelphia, crowds have followed Francis wherever he’s been.   FOX News Radio gave me the honor of being in Philly for the final leg.  From my vantage point, the appeal he’s had I can only be described as  “rock-star status”.

Let’s not forget — this is a 78-year-old man.

And yet..whenever he seemed like he was falling victim to fatigue, he encountered a crowd or interacted with a child — and it energized him again.


It was amazing to watch.

Then there are the words he left with us.  He imparted very carefully chosen words about war, global cooperation and climate change.  He also gave comforting comments to victims’ families at a Friday multi-religious ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.  Many have criticized this pope for sharing his thoughts on issues outside the realm of religion.


Let’s not forget,  Not only is he the leader of the Catholic Church.  Vatican City (officially known as Vatican City State) is an internationally recognized independent state.  The Bishop of Rome (the Pope) is its head of state   That makes his thoughts and opinions on world events as poignant as President Obama’s or any other world leader.

However..his role as a religious leader has inspired us all this trip — from his visit to Catholic Charities in D.C. to a Harlem Catholic school in New York to a correctional facility in Philly.

Color me impressed.

I hope he will return to the U.S. in the near future to see how this visit has inspired us.

Godspeed, Francis.

And get some rest.  It’s been a grueling trip

4 thoughts on “This Is Not Your Father’s Pontiff. This Pope Is Awesome!

  1. I’m not a Catholic, just to be clear. But I am a Christian, and the Pope is obviously a leading voice in the Christian world. Some of the statements he made seem to equate Christianity with Islam. While syncretism is a popular (PC?) stance in 2015, these two worldviews are, at their core, simply incompatible. Color me concerned.


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