You Thought The ‘Summer Of Trump’ Was Strange?

No matter who wins the White House in 2o16..don’t get too settled.

Train’s coming!



At this year’s MTV VMAs, the one…the only…Kanye West announced he would be running for President of the United States in 2020.

That’s it!  We’re saved.   Everything will be all right!   There’s nothing more that America needs than not only Kanye at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — but Kim Kardashian as First Lady!  Heaven help us all (to cross into Canada)!   But we have to stop and think.  Not many of us (and by that I mean HARDLY ANY of us) believed that Donald Trump would be far and away leading the GOP race for President.

Still…the utter preposterous notion of Kanye West as Commander-in-Chief is — to say the least –asinine to even say in jest.  In fact..I don’t even think he remembers it.  He said during the show that he may have been on something.

I’m all for a good laugh.  But us all a favor.  Sit down…please!

I can see it now.  Kanye in 2020:  A Clear Vision!



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