A Remembrance, A Reboot And Some Recognition

I have some thoughts here on a few topics: First the remembrance. columbia house

I’m sure many of you — like I did way back when — subscribed to Columbia House.  You remember it.  The music mail order service that offered your favorite CDs for a penny (I’m old..I got cassettes).   Well the company that owns what’s left of it has filed for bankruptcy.  From the Wall Street Journal:

“The owner of onetime mail-order music giant Columbia House filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Monday, seeking to sell what remains of its business after almost two decades of declining revenue.Filmed Entertainment Inc. filed for chapter 11 at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, citing the advent of digital music and dramatic changes in technology that are threatening to render CDs and DVDs obsolete.”

A moment of silence, if you please.

Next..the reboot:

Remember the series Baywatch?  Well, apparently in Hollywood (where there seems these days to be a lack of original ideas when it comes to movies), a movie version of the lifeguard show seems to be in the works.  The Hollywood Reporter initially said Efron was in talks for a role.   Another movie cast member Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has apparently confirmed the casting. Folks (okay, women) I’ve mentioned this to at work all have the same contemplative thought:


‘The Rock’ in a red speedo.   Their smiles told me everything I needed to know.

Plot??  We don’t need no stinkin’ plot!

Now the recognition.

Props to my co-worker and FOX News Radio Chicago correspondent Jeff Monosso.  He was at the first GOP Presidential Candidates’ Debate in Cleveland last week.  After the stage show, candidate Donald Trump appeared in the ‘spin room’ where Jeff got a rare opportunity to question Trump one-on-one for a few moments.  Jeff’s piece (the first part of the exchange) was very interesting:


I understand Jeff explained that Trump was pointing to his head.  That’s because people listening to the radio can’t see him doing it.   But looking at the video strikes me as extremely funny.

Good job, Jeff!

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