When Riding The Subway…Appropriate Rules Apply

I’ve been working in New York City for almost four months as of this writing.  I discovered early on that there are two words that everyone here..at some point..must comply with.

Subway Etiquette!

Who knew?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority or MTA (the fine folks who run the subways) unleashed an ad campaign some time back to alert people to the proper way to conduct themselves when traveling in those holes in the ground.

Some make perfect sense.













Some make you chuckle.













And then…there are my personal favorites.













And there are many more just like these.

When you come to New York City..and you find yourself on the subway..please comply.   It makes it so much so much easier for the rest of us.








2 thoughts on “When Riding The Subway…Appropriate Rules Apply

  1. Ok, that’s just really funny. I’m glad that they are addressing these issues and in some ways making light of how people act on the subway. Wish I was able to see these in person!! The pole dancing one is my favorite.


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