Stories Of The Week That Was

Here are some stories that caught my attention over the past week.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — PETA is giving its two cents to Food Lion, urging the supermarket chain to stop using live animals in its advertisements.  The advertising campaign features a lion telling people about saving money on their purchases by shopping at the North Carolina-based chain. In the campaign, which has run since 2013, the lion ends the ads with the tagline, “That’s just my two cents.”  In a statement on its website, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Food Lion should “create eye-catching ads without resorting to the use of deprived, captive wild animals.”  Food Lion spokeswoman Christy Phillips-Brown said the chain doesn’t plan to change the campaign.

My thought:  Well..Food Lion could use an animated lion in its commercials…but Tony the Tiger’s handlers at Kellogg’s might sue.   Below is an example of the ad.


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — There’s a lot of honking going on at a suburban New York parking lot. And it’s not coming from the drivers.  CBS New York says a Canada goose has gone rogue outside White Plains High School.  The honking and hissing interloper has been swooping down and chasing people.  His actions are well-intended. He’s protecting his mate, who’s nesting on top of a storage garage.  The area occupied by the loud-mouth and his lovebird has now been cordoned off with yellow tape.  Principal Ellen Doherty calls it a fun, “teachable moment.”   Science teachers are discussing the geese. Journalism students are writing about them.   Wildlife officials will relocate the family once the goslings hatch.

My thought:  He’s just a guy protecting his own.  We fellas can take a lesson.


SITKA, Alaska (AP) — An Alaska woman suspected her family’s dog snatched her wedding ring, but she couldn’t find proof — until the diamond-encrusted platinum band turned up months later at a local ball field.  Nikki Balovich lost her ring in January, when she was pregnant and often took it off her swollen finger, the Daily Sitka Sentinel newspaper reported   The Sitka woman suspected Halli was the culprit because the 90-pound mastiff puppy often carries household items in its mouth. She spent time searching for the band, including checking Halli’s poop outside.  “I gave up, I thought it was long gone,” she said. “We take the dog everywhere with us, on hikes, on the boat — what were the chances we’re going to find it?”  Balovich had no evidence of the dog’s involvement until last week, when she saw a post on a Facebook sales site about a ring being found in an “unusual place.”  Balovich had a gut feeling and contacted the poster, Bob Potrzuski.  Turns out, his wife found the ring while picking up dog poop at a local ball field. Balovich also recently volunteered at the field, and brought along Halli.  Potrzuski and his wife previously tried unsuccessfully to find the owner by putting an ad in the Sentinel. They also called police.  Balovich was reunited with her ring on Thursday, her husband’s birthday.   “It’s been on my hands ever since,” she said. “My hand was feeling naked without it.”

My thought:  I hope it was disinfected first.  Ewwww!


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