What Were We Thinking??!!

Every so often..my mind is jogged by things from my childhood.  Many of them are the foods I used to eat — which leaves me at times thinking:


There are some I’ve seen in the past year or so,  White Chocolate and Peppermint Pringles and the Lays Cappuccino Potato Chips come immediately to mind.  I ran across a site recently that showed me some of the foods of days gone by.  Some I remember.  Some I don’t.  Some I wouldn’t admit if I did.  Here are just a few of the more …shall we say… unusual ones.  Special thanks to the site ‘Gone But Not Forgotten Groceries’.

1.  Kellogg;s Raisins, Rice and Rye:


I actually remember this one from the ’80s.  I think I even ate it once.  Funny..I don’t remember the taste of whiskey with my raisins and rice in the morning.

2.  Kellogg’s OJs:


Yep.  Just what I need in the morning.  An orange-flavored cereal mixed with milk.  That’s enough to get the stomach rumbling when you’re off to school.

3.  MicroMagic Shakes:


Let’s see.  Take frozen concoction…place in microwave for a few moments…instant shake.  Wait..won’t that happen with any pint of ice cream you put in the microwave?

4.  Hubba Bubba Soda:


Great as a gum…but hell no as a drink.

5.  I Hate Peas:


Many kids did not fall for this (thank God).   Some Einstein had the inane idea to take vegetables and mix them with potatoes, shape them into sticks that looked like French Fries and expected kids to gobble them up.   Not on your life.  Thank you, kids of the past, for not letting this catch on.

By the way..there were varieties of this using corn and beets too.  I’ll pass.

And finally..

6.  Bacon Creme Oreos:


Let this one sink in for a bit.

I know they say “Everything is better with bacon”.


Just..no!   This was around for about 24 hours before they were yanked off the shelves.  And I’m sure..with good reason.

Those are just a few you can find at the main website.  Just click here.




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