Weirdness From The Week That Was

When I created this blog, it was my intent to highlight some of the weirder stories that came across my radar.   I’m going to start living up to that at the end of each week (or so).   Here are a few offerings.


1.  In this era of the TSA and travel restrictions, you may still be amazed by the kinds of things that people pack to take on a plane flight.  The Associated Press brought us this little story out of New York:

Passengers on a delayed flight from New York to Charlotte may have been a bit crabby Thursday night.   Their flight left LaGuardia Airport about a half-hour late because some live crabs had gotten loose in the cargo hold.  The spokesman for US Airways said it was unclear how the crabs got out of their container or what species they were..but there were a lot of them.  It is also unknown who was shipping them.

Here’s my question.  Did the TSA do an x-ray of the contents of that container?  It seems to me that the outline of a bushel or two of crabs would be pretty unmistakable.  This gives me hope if I ever get attached to a lobster or twelve on my next trip to Maine.

I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson will want to star in a movie adaptation of this one.


2.  I wonder if this is an other “New Coke” or “Crystal Pepsi” moment.  (Remember those?)   It appears Coke and Pepsi are extending their rivalry to include the health-conscious crowd.   It has recently been announced that both brands are testing offerings that will use the low-cal sweetener stevia to enhance this not-so-sugary fare.   Both will also be packaged in green cans.  Coke’s product will be dubbed ‘Coca-Cola Life’.  Pepsi Cola’s version will be called ‘Pepsi True’.

coke pepsi

(photo courtesy

These new offerings only reduce the calories found in their flagship counterparts (Pepsi True reportedly has about 60 calories..Coke Life about 27 or so).   I suppose drinking Coke Zero would be considered too stingy on the calorie count.


3.  Finally..a weather forecaster at a FOX affiliate in Indianapolis got a bit of a scare recently when the tower camera she was referencing attracted a visitor.   Take a look.






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