Amazon…Props Go Out To You!

Ever since my wife surprised me with a Kindle Fire a couple of years ago…I’ve been firmly on ‘Team Tablet’ with no hope of going back.

But as with any highly technical piece of equipment, at some point it fails to work as it should.   My problem was that the Kindle Fire would not charge.  The mini-USB plug was loose when it was connected so it never maintained contact to charge.  It got to a point that all I could see in the upper right corner of my Kindle Fire (when it would actually boot up)  is this:


When the battery icon is in red and hollow in the middle..not good.

I had a few choices:  a) live with it,  b) try to fix it myself (not a good plan). or c) plunk down cash on a new unit.   After some thought, I chose option d)  contacting Amazon directly to perhaps find another option.

So on Sunday morning (8/10), I went to and struck up a customer service chat with someone who I only know as “William”.  He asked me a couple of questions and even tried to remotely look at some things about the performance of my Kindle Fire.  After a few moments of this, he surmised that there was a problem with my device that could not be repaired by either me or him.

What he did next I didn’t expect.  He told me that a warranty did not apply..but he offered me a one-time opportunity to replace my device FREE OF CHARGE with two-day shipping.  He then asked if that would be OK.


Of course it was!  He took care of all the particulars..and on Tuesday (8-12), UPS delivered my new Kindle Fire.

new KF

I tell you this story to give all credit where it’s due.  In this time where companies will try to take every opportunity to extract every dime from customers and potential customers, it’s refreshing to know that there are companies that still believe in something called ‘customer service’.

Good on you, Amazon!  I’ll be sticking with you for a long time.

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