Can I Offer You A Drink? Give Me Two Minutes!!

Sangria can be a complex drink. I thought.

My lovely wife Karen and I stumbled on a recipe for Sangria that requires only three (as in 1..2..3) ingredients. The concoction has made us big fans of the drunken fruit that it leaves behind for us to devour.  Yummy!  Let’s build this concoction, shall we?

First start by putting some frozen fruit into a pitcher.  The combination doesn’t matter.  You can use the tropical stuff (mango, pineapple, etc.) if you’d like.  We used frozen mixed berries, frozen peaches and some grapes we had in the fridge.

Photo by: KReative Works Photography
Photo by: KReative Works Photography

Next if you have a World Market in your town, they sell their own brand of Italian soda.  We used the Orange, Passionfruit and Mango flavor.  They also have Blood Orange flavor as well a Pomegranate choice.  Any would work.

Photo courtesy: World Market
Photo courtesy: World Market

Last..any red table wine completes the drink.   You can drink it right then.  The frozen fruit immediately starts to chill the Sangria.  We recommend combining the parts and letting it sit in the fridge to marry the flavors of the wine, soda and fruit.

Photo by: KReative Works Photography
Photo by: KReative Works Photography

It is simply outstanding..and even better the second day once the fruit starts to break down.

For your next party..I dare you to pull this treat out of you arsenal.  Your guests will be hooked.   We’re so taken by the combo that we’ve devised our own spin on a Green Tea Sangria that we’re going to try.

We’ll let you know how that turns out.

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