A Tragic Turn


Keith Crisco  1943 - 2014
Keith Crisco
1943 – 2014

Sometimes in the world of news, things happen that you never expect.   Monday, Keith Crisco died.

You may not have known him personally or otherwise..but if you’ve followed North Carolina politics in the last few weeks, you’ve heard his name a few times.  He was the former state Commerce secretary and Asheboro businessman who was in a virtual tie with former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken for the Democratic nod in the 2nd Congressional district race.  Crisco trailed Aiken by fewer than 400 votes.

From what we know now, Crisco fell at his Asheboro home and passed away from those injuries.

Aiken released a statement saying he was “proud to have known him.”   Aiken has temporarily suspended campaigning in light of the tragic turn.

Crisco died the day before 2nd district ballots were to be officially counted.  That count confirmed what we knew to be true.  Aiken won the Democratic primary by one percentage point and will face GOP incumbent Renee Ellmers in November.

The other facts of this story are..quite frankly..irrelevant.

I’ve run into several people in the last day or so who have said in some form or another that you never know when it’s your time.

Looking beyond the mask of politics, the lesson is to enjoy the people you love while you have them.  Don’t let those last words be spoken in anger..or a simple grunt goodbye in the morning.   My father always says, “give people their flowers while they live..not after they’re gone.”   That’s something many of us can do a little..or a lot better.

Keith Crisco was 71 years old.

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