It’s Graduation Time Again, Y’all!

May 12, 1991.  I remember it like it was..well..23 years ago.

I donned a tuxedo (complete with white dinner jacket) and walked across the stage at the College of Charleston as a graduate.  To’s is the best Mother’s Day gift I have ever given my mom.

I have learned many life lessons in the years since.  Some have been good.  Others bad.  Many of them very humbling.  A good many of them have also been inspirational.   The takeaway, even these many years later, is that you never stop learning in life.  Sometimes it takes the people closest to you to jar you into reality.  I know..and completely understand..that I don’t know as much as I think I do…and even with my advancing age, I still have much to learn.

It’s a hard lesson…but a necessary one.

In this graduation season, I offer the following.   One of my very best friends, Belle Tuten, is an esteemed professor of History at Juniata College in Pennsylvania.   She recently spoke to graduates imparting “The Wisdom of the Ancients”.  I share this with you because there are lessons in her words that we all can learn..even decades removed from the halls of academia.

Thanks to her husband Jim for sharing this.  Proud of you, Belle!




One thought on “It’s Graduation Time Again, Y’all!

  1. Did you know they have changed the College of Charleston’s graduation date for 2015 to the week after Mother’s day? Please write and send your thoughts!


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