No Bandwagon Jumpers Allowed!!

I cut my teeth in my journalism career as a sports reporter.  The phrase: “No cheering in the Press Box!!”  was a directive I always took to heart each time I grabbed a free pre-game meal.  From Citadel Football…to College of Charleston Gamecock Soccer.. to Stingrays hockey.. even the 1991 Ryder Cup at Kiawah Island’s Ocean Course — I enjoyed having a front-row seat for all of it.

As adept as I am in covering sports…I must say I’m not as good at picking teams to follow as a fan.

Case in point — I’m a long-time, long-suffering Chicago Cubs baseball fan.   I admit it.   Most Cubs fans will say (some jokingly..others not) that at three weeks into the new Major League season, the Cubbies have already been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.   Sheesh!

I’ve also been a fan of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders since the days of Kenny “The Snake” Stabler, Jack Tatum and coach John Madden.  I’m such a Raiders fan that the picture below was the groom’s cake at my wedding last year,


Yup…it’s a Raiders helmet.

My favorite NBA player of all time to this day:  Michael Jordan?  No.    “Magic” Johnson?  No.   It’s Julius “Dr. J.” Erving.   For that reason, it always makes me feel great when the Philadelphia 76ers do well.

Since I’ve lived in Raleigh..I’ve become a big fan of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes.   They technically finished the 2013-2014 season with more outright wins (36) than outright losses (35).  The anomaly there — and you hockey fans know where I’m going with this — is that the last number in the Canes’ record this season (36-35-11) indicates overtime LOSSES.  They’ve also missed the playoffs seven of the last eight seasons.

So..if you combine the records of all my favorite teams’ most recently completed campaigns, the Cubs, Canes, Raiders and Sixers are a whopping —

Wait for it —

125-206-11 !!!

Yes..we suck!   And yes..I said WE.   The teams I like might put up a virtual goose egg in the win column, but they’ll still be MY teams.

I grow weary of people who say, “This has been my team forever..but they stink, so I’m cheering for these other guys now.”   Please..for the love of Pete..stick with your team.  Their time will come again.

Hey..if the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats can take the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs — there’s hope for EVERYBODY!



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