Wait…Aren’t You That ‘Fresh Prince’ Guy??

My fabulous hometown of Charleston, SC welcomed some special guests last week.   According to the local ABC affiliate and the Facebook page of the Courtyard by Marriott Historic District, Will and Jada Pinkett-Snith swooped into town last Wednesday and spent a few days in what longtime mayor Joe Riley, Jr. has called “our fair city”.

I suspect they wanted to slow the pace a little bit.  But..they are celebrities.  You can rarely go anywhere without someone noticing — in Will’s case — one of the biggest box office draws on the planet roaming your streets.  Online publication HolyCitySinner.com was on top of it.  They captured images of Will outside a local spot called Husk.

Photo courtesy: @Sumner929

He even, at one point, felt the urge to hop on the pedals of one of Charleston’s many rickshaws to cart a young lady a few feet to..well..nowhere in particular.

Photo courtesy: HolyCitySinner.com

I envy her brush with a Hollywood heavyweight.   Just one question:


You’ve got movie megastar Will Smith carting you around the streets of Charleston..and you look like you’re just happy to be there!  Was the crowd that was gathered not your first clue that this is probably the time to click into video mode on your smart phone and record this for posterity? I’m sorry..but the folks I know in Chuck Town would have been snapping photos until their sim cards blew up…and then asking you to borrow your phone.

Sorry young lady..whomever you may be.  But I chalk this up as a Celebrity Sighting Fail!

I should add that I will be the first to acknowledge it when I am wrong.  If you know the young lady being chauffeured in the above photo and she has a selfie with Will, post a comment with the pic and I will dish myself a nice big plate of crow.

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